Telematics on its own is no different than any other tool, such as your spanner in a tool box. What gives utility to the spanner is the skill of the mechanic and what makes a skilful mechanic is their years of wide ranging experience.

This is exactly how Myanmar tracker distinguishes itself. We harness over 100 Years of operational business experience, spread across 4 Continents and 10 Industries: logistics, manufacturing, agriculture to name a few.

We are the 4th generation in our family business tradition and understand full well the importance of the bottom line – keeping a loyal motivated workforce, streamlined cost efficient operations and above all a profitable company.

When we decided to start Myanmar Tracker we spent a year testing and developing our products and services. In the process we collaborated with various international companies, tapped into our own wealth of business experience to come up with a product which is truly Unique, Adaptable and Easy to use.


Infuse over 100 years of operational business experience spread across 4 continents and 10 Industries.


We do not restrict ourselves with one technology and are expansive in our approach in choosing the technology we use.

Easy to use:

Our end product is easy to use – as easy as a tap on your smartphone or tablet.