ExcaTrack Excavator Monitoring System

Get Complete Insight on your Machine


Remote Excavator Monitoring System
Custom designed for Myanmar Kaido

Monitor your machines working hours, engine hours, and much more from anywhere in the world

MYANMAR KAIDO was established in 1993. They commenced the role as importer and dealer in heavy machinery; equipment; attachments and related spare parts. Their main trading partners are from Japan, Korea, US & Europe. They import a wide variety of world-class heavy machinery from different makers.

Kobelco Construction Machinery,a leading company of excavators and cranes. Kobelco’s Japanese-built excavators deliver superior fuel efficiency, low noise operation and advanced hydraulics for powerful, high performance.

Features Implemented

GPS Satelite tracking

Track your Machine in the most remotest areas in the world.

  • GSM and GPS Satellite Tracking
  • Covers the whole of Myanmar

ExcaTrack Allowed Kaido to :

  • Restrict Usage based on Geofence Zones
  • Restrict Unauthorized Usage
  • Remotely Enable/ Disable the machine

Using Myanmar Tracker data, Kaido was able to monitor:

  • Daily Working Hours, Engine Hours, and Location
  • Maintainance Alerts
  • Idling and Fuel Consumption


Kaido is in the bussiness of heavy machinery rental. Each machine they rent can be sent to extremely remote regions around the country.Hence they were looking for a system to:

  • Which would help them always know where their machine is currently working on a daily basis.
  • Help them get daily Engine Hours, Working Hours and etc to keep track of maintainance schedules.
  • Reduce unauthorized usage and excessive usage.
  • Which can help them Enable/Disable the machine in case the customer did not pay their rental fees.


Are you interested in the detail results of what Puma/Pongrawe were able to achieve?

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